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  • Hi there,
    I have been making a form for a client. The submissions are saved using the the FormItSaveForm hook. When the client need the submission data, they go to the Extra/Formit menu and export a csv-file. They can remove/delete the submissions one by one.

    I would like to make it possible to bulk delete these submission, but where do I start? Anyone who could point me in the right direction? An option for bulk deleting uploaded files in the mediabrowser would be nice too.

    Best regards Gitte
    • You could bulk delete it directly from the database I'd imagine but can't recall off hand where they are stored.

      Regarding deleting media you could create a snippet to delete folders and files are X date and run it on a cron job to continually prune old assets. Likewise you could create a snippet just for a one time purpose of deleting specific folders. Just be careful and backup first wink
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      • Well, deleting from the database would be an option for me, but not for my client, I was looking for a more simple way, making it possible for the client to do it by themselves. You know something with checkboxes and a deletebutton within MODX