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    At my server settings I changed php version from 5.6.35 >> 7.0.29. After that migx was not working. Rolling back to 5.6.35 did not change the problem.

    The exact problem I have with migx is that when I am going to Migx management and press the MIGX tab I get a "500 Internal Server Error" window. Using Chrome console I see the following error message: "POST http://xxxxxxxxx.xxx/assets/components/migx/connector.php 500 (Internal Server Error)".

    "Add item" is not working either just like a Migx TV I have.

    Any ideas?
    • We're building a MODX site in the MODXcloud hosting environment that runs on PHP 7.1 Our project relies heavily on MIGX and we're not having any issue with it. While this isn't exactly an answer to your problem, just wanted to give you a possible alternative option for hosting if you're stuck.
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      • Mark Hamstra Reply #3, 6 years ago
        When there's a 500 internal server error, the first point of business is to find an error message. It could be an issue with the code and compatibility with PHP7 (which @flinx777's note suggests is not the case), file permissions being set too wide on any directory or the connector file, or something else entirely.

        Usually, the information needed to fix that will be written to a PHP or apache error log, but it depends on the server configuration where that can be found.
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