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    I transferred my site on localhost for doing some highload operations. But method setTVValue stopped to work on localhost.

    				foreach ($tvs as $tv => $value) {
    					$newdoc->setTVValue($tv, $value);
    					echo "sett $tv to $value<br>";

    Prints me:

    set link to 123
    set fragrance to asd
    set whom to fgh

    $tv and $value are existing strings. TV names is actual. But resource doesn't contains them: [see on Imgur]

    MySQL table with TV content values doesn't contains them too.

    This question has been answered by i_am_bars. See the first response.

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      It could be a character set issue.
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        Quote from: BobRay at Apr 03, 2018, 06:46 PM
        It could be a character set issue.

        I guessed to see into MODX error log and there are was error about one field doesn't have default value. I removed STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from "sql-mode" MySQL setting on my local host. Solved