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    Is there a way to get chunk names and description inside themselves ?
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      Can you explain a little bit more what you're trying to do?
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        If you are trying to display the Description of a Chunk in the front end as part of your page content then a snippet like this would display the chunk Description. A modified version of this snippet could probably display the chunk Name.

        //[[!getChunkDescription? &chunkname=`myChunk`]]
        if ($chunk=$modx->getObject('modChunk',array('name'=>$chunkname))){
            return $chunk->get('description');
        return '';

        But if I have misunderstood your aim, as LK says, could you explain a bit more. [ed. note: andytough last edited this post 6 years, 2 months ago.]
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          Thank you for your reply.
          I'd like to get chunk name inside the chunk itself.
          The purpose is to add a debug mode allowing fast chunk identification.
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            I can't think of an easy way. If the chunk is being pulled in with a chunk tag, you might be able to use a plugin attached to OnLoadWebDocument that finds the chunk tags with a regex, then writes or displays it somewhere.

            Possibly a better way is to add a snippet like this to the chunk:

            [[!ShowName? &chunkName=`actualNameOfChunk`]]

            /* ShowName snippet */
            if ($modx->user->get('id') == 1) { // adjust ID as necessary
                return $modx->getOption('chunkName', $scriptProperties, '');
            return ''

            The name will only show for the user with the specified ID.
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