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    Hi! I'm using pdoMenu to get hierarchical structured content from my ressources

    [[pdoMenu?&parents=`55`&showHidden=`1` &level=`2`&includeTVs=`Bild`&tplOuter=`wf_uebernachten_outer` &tpl=`wf_uebernachten_tpl` &tplInner=`wf_uebernachten_inner`]]

    With the $tpl='wf_uebernachten_tpl' it try to get only child ressources because the next level ressources under parent 55 have only the group headings (pagetitle).

    I tried different things and got the number of the children out by

    <h4 class="title">[[+pagetitle]]</h4><div class="range range-20">[[+children]]</div>

    within the &tpl `wf_uebernachten_tpl`But what I want is not the number of the children but the ressources content in use by $tplInner (wf_uebernachten_inner).

    I didnt find that in the pdoMenu documentation.

    Does anybody know?
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      Sounds like you're wanting to hide containers. That property should be on the documentation it's something like &hideContainers but check it to be certain.
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        No I dont want to hide containers, I would like to show child ressources, not numbers.