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  • Hi Forum!

    I have cache troubles on my multilanguage modx 2.5.7 page with several contexts (runnung in php7.1 latest). The pages work fine but after a while it shows only the homepage of the main context. After deleting the cache everything works fine again. I dont know what do to.

    The error log shows:

    [2018-03-05 21:39:41] (ERROR @ /files/core/cache/includes/elements/modplugin/7.include.cache.php : 83) [Babel] Could not load menu for context key: "slowenia". Try to check "babel.contextKeys" in System Settings. If this is intended, you can ignore this warning.
    [2018-03-05 21:40:12] (ERROR @ /files/core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 394) Error caching action map mgr/actions
    [2018-03-05 21:40:43] (ERROR @ /files/core/model/modx/filters/modoutputfilter.class.php : 443) PHP warning: A non-numeric value encountered
    [2018-03-05 19:58:40] (ERROR @ /files/core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 509) Error caching script elements/modplugin/3
    [2018-03-05 19:49:30] (ERROR @ /files/core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 394) Error caching action map mgr/actions
    [2018-03-05 19:49:30] (ERROR @ /files/core/model/modx/modcachemanager.class.php : 344) Error caching lexicon topic lexicon/slo/core/default

    What can I do? Does anyone know?

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        • Thanks guys,

          What Ive done so far:
          Update to modx 2.6.1, deactivated memcache, deactivate caching lexicon topics.
          I will investigate if problems still come.

          The "cache clear"-Plugin used on the mainpage seems to be a brutal chance to solve the problem at least smiley

          Does anybody know if i need that: Is there a chance to oppress the cache-clearing messages which come out of the plugin by using it?