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    Hello guys,
    I did our website a few years ago using MODX revolution. I'm not very techie and to be honest I haven't touched the backend during the past 10 months. Today I wanted to update some of the content but when I went to the manager page all I could see was a white page. I found bob's post and I certainly saw the number one at the upper left of my screen when I hit "view source". He recommends to "Go to System (Gear Icon) -> System Settings in the MODX Manager, put debug in the search box at the upper right, and press enter". The thing is, I can't access the manager at all because I can't login. Has anyone got an idea on how to solve this?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread. Cheers,

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      Someone may be able to give you a better suggestion but mine would be to back up your files + database and then reinstall modx over the top.
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        Thanks for your answer LK, I thought it would be easier than that. I think I may do as you suggest. One last question, do you think I had that issue because I'm running the site with an old MODX version?
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          I would first try manually deleting all files in the core/cache directory and visiting with your browser in Incognito or Private mode.

          If that doesn't work, use Chrome Dev. tools (Ctrl-shift-i). Click on the Network tab before launching MODX. It might give you some idea what's going on.

          Another thing to try is going into the DB in PhpMyAdmin, and in the modx_site_plugins table, disable all plugins by putting a 1 in their 'disabled' fields. Delete the core/cache files again before testing.

          Another thought: If PHP was upgraded to version 7, I've noticed that it's a lot more likely to throw a 500 error for PHP errors. I think that could cause a blank page, depending on how you have error reporting set up.
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            Many thanks for the advice Bob! I'll do all those things before reinstalling MODX.