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    Just wanted to get some direction on this project. I want to build a directory listing that will have two types of payments levels. One listing level (basic) will be a reduced profile posting in the list. The second listing level will be (advanced) will have additional profile information that will post be posted in the listings.

    I am using the login extra for the front end users. I have a few questions and any input would be appreciated.

    My thought on the payment process would be to have a button link to the payment process with redirect back to the user profile. If want to upgrade the basic have the profile page with a link referring to upgrading to advanced. Is that the best way to do the upgrade account to advanced?

    in the listing I want to have several ways to search such as state, type, name and list users by advanced then basic... any suggestions on the best way to do that? What is the best way to pull the user profiles into the resource page?

    This is the first time I have taken on a project like this so any suggestions or thoughts would be good.

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      You should be able to use the subscribeme to setup a recurring payment subscription for your listings.

      I think Commerce from modmore may also handle subscriptions (im not sure if its been implemented yet but I remember it being talked about).

      Advsearch will probably get you started on multiple search filters.

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      • Commerce doesn't support subscriptions just yet, but it is on the long-term radar.

        Somewhat related though, for 0.11 we will have an easy to set up way to grant user group access which could be useful in this kind of site. 0.11 will be out in a couple of weeks.
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