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  • I am attempting to create a new user group and have the mgr context set to a custom Access Policy. I've done this many times.

    However when I right-click and select "Update Context Access" the mgr setting is lost in the Context drop down.

    When I select that drop down the mgr context does not show at all, it only shows null and then the non mgr context list.

    This is on a local server that I have other versions of MODX running on but they work.

    PHP Version 5.5.12
    MySQL 5.6.17
    • Hi i experience the same problem on production website. My local version which i upgraded recently was looking good to me and i did so to production, Now i can't modify the context setting, and it appear to be the same problem like you have. Did you resolved that? Or how did you pass this issue? Thanks
      • Never came up with a solution.
        • These seem like the most likely causes:

          1. A JS conflict

          2. Trouble from a browser add-on

          3. Trouble from a plugin that executes in the Manager

          4. A missing or corrupted file.
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