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    Hi everybody,

    I have a simple Formit form [[+name]], [[+email]], [[+text]]. It works fine when I try to use it on a website.
    However I (form recipient email) receive mysterious messages that come FROM an admin email address (admin email address for this MODX installation!). These messages formatted like my quick email chunk, have a correct subject line (as specified in Formit code) but there's no user data, just Formit placeholders as in a code chunk. The messages look like this:
    Inquiry from: [[+name]] ([[+email]])

    Formit code is here:
       &emailTo=`[email protected]`
       &emailSubject=`A mail from my site`

    So the questions - where are these coming from and why? Is it a security risk, spam related, do I loose my mail?
    Please help smiley !
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      I think this could be the ghost of QuickEmail, though it's weird that it would use the FormIt subject and tags. On one site, I got messages from QuickEmail even after disabling it. It eventually stopped and I never did figure out why I was getting them.

      Lots of email extras will use the emailsender System Setting if they get a blank "email from" address.

      OTOH, I guess it could be someone trying to hack your FormIt email form, though I don't think that's likely.

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        Thank you for quick reply, BobRay,

        These emails come periodically 2-3 a day since website launch a week ago. There were only couple proper emails (from real users). Also, this is not my first MODX website; I've done dozens. I often re-use the same form code (most sites are similar in structure/purpose). There's no such a problem on other sites.

        Here is the form page http://markusrutzmusic.com/contact-and-booking.html

        This is my main concern:
        Quote from: BobRay at Dec 01, 2017, 02:19 AM
        OTOH, I guess it could be someone trying to hack your FormIt email form, though I don't think that's likely.

        I wonder if someone had a similar experience and what can be done to enhance security of your Formit form.

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          maybe you can include the

          &emailFrom=`[email protected]`
          &emailFromName=`the Website name`

          maybe you can add some validation in the form before it's able to be sent, like:

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