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  • It's been a minute since I've worked in the MODX environment and I'm hoping to get some direction/recommendations. I have a site that is currently on Rackspace w/AWS (S3). They are looking to move away from this to something comparable/better (faster?).

    What would be the first steps in initiating that migration? (Difficulties or "gotchas" I should look out for)
    Will I need to package up all the files in S3?
    What services would be comparable (MODX Cloud up to the task?)
    Would this be a standard "Moving MODX to a new Server" situation
      Sal Baldovinos

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      Did you ever move your site?

      Why would you want to move from AWS S3? That's kind of a de facto standard any more.

      Depending on the size of the site, traffic, etc, I lean toward offerings from InMotion Hosting, LiquidWeb, and VULTR.

      Moving MODX should be like any other PHP project. Grab all the files, grab the database, load them up on another server, update the configs and clear the cache.
      • Jay Gilmore Reply #3, 6 years ago
        I second leaving your assets/images on S3 and moving MODX to another server. I can think of a pretty good host for MODX sites;) .

        The migration process is always the same, if you have ssh access on both ends, it's generally faster/easier to use rsync to do the the file move. MySQL is generally straightforward, just make sure your export charset matches the db charset and avoid utf8-mb4 for now. Support for it is limited.

        If one were moving to MODX Cloud, however, you can use Vapor to migrate.
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          Some hosts offer free migration and they can help you perform it or they can perform the whole migration instead of you.