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  • Hi,

    Strangely I can not create new Snippet!

    With MODx 2.6, every time I have created a new document, template, chunk, or TVs so far, I have obviously seen it in the tree!
    I just created a new simple snippet from the book MODx The Official Guide pag. 270

    <? Php
    return "<p> This is my Hello Word snippet </ p>";

    but does the tree under snippet not publish it, even if it has been successfully saved?!

    I updated the tree and came out and came back from login as administrator but it has changed nothing!
    • do you see other snippets, installed by package - management?

        you can buy me a beer, if you like MIGX


      • Hi Bruno17,

        follow my other thread > MODx 2.6 : I can not install any EXTRA!