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    Good morning!

    I am running Evolution 1.4.0RC.

    I am receiving the following error from my Reflect snippet call: The Ditto object is invalid. Please check it.

    During my research I found a comment that said I should be using the latest/compatible versions of each snippet (Ditto and Reflect).

    The version of Ditto that is installed is 2.1.2. (last update 30/03/2016)
    The version of Reflect that is installed is 2.2 (last update 2016-11-21)

    However, the version for Reflect that is listed on the site (http://extras.evolution-cms.com/packages/rabota-s-resursami/reflect.html) is 2.1.0 and the last update is 08-11-2017. The version for Ditto on the same site is 2.1.3 and the last update is 04.11.2017.

    The Ditto version in the MODx Extras section of this website is 2.1.0, last update in 2008.

    Could you tell me which are the latest versions, which versions are compatible and where they can be found?

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      I think you are better off posting this in GitHub

      Pretty much all snippets were recently removed from the default install and put in the repository

      Where exactly I can't say