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    I scratched my head during one day as parentRowTpl, parentRowHereTpl and activeParentRowTpl were ignored by a website and not by another one, until I found out that the websites were using two different versions of wayfinder.inc.php.

    Thoses versions are both dated from February 27, 2006 but have lot of differences in their code. Version 2.0 is working correctly, whilst version 2.0.4 is not.

    As I'm not totally sure where do the versions that I use originates from, as I'm often doing "copy paste" from existing MODx Evo installations.

    I attach both versions here, in zip files, so that you can compare with the ones you're using.
    • Better post those issues in the new Evo CMS GitHub repo. https://github.com/evolution-cms/
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        Whats the Evo version and Wayfinder call? And whats in parentRowHereTpl and activeParentRowTpl?

        Some example without chunks:

        &rowTpl=`@CODE:<li[+wf.classes+]><a href="[+wf.link+]" [+wf.attributes+]>[+wf.linktext+]</a>[+wf.wrapper+]</li>`
        &parentRowTpl=`@CODE:<li class="has-submenu [+wf.classnames+]"><a href="[+wf.link+]">[+wf.linktext+]</a>[+wf.wrapper+]</li>`

        Can't do these to "here" tpls with just CSS by using the active class?

        Like ul > li.active > a{}
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