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    Hi i have SS installed for a while now. I need to make an adjustment to it so i wanted to check i what version i have.The manager/installer shows me i have simplesearch-1.6.1-pl. But the installer it doesn't show me simplesearch-1.9.2-pl is available???

    1) Is version 1.9.2-pl and update for Splittingreds Simplesearch?
    2) why does the installer not show me there is an update?
    3) Howcome Splittingred is listed as the project owner (https://github.com/splittingred/SimpleSearch) even though the guy is long gone.
    4) did someone else take over the project? and if so where is the repo?

    thanks for answering
    • 1) Yes
      2) Not sure, could be an incorrect package name somewhere or a temporary glitch. Perhaps your package isn't connected with a provider anymore. Try browsing the package provider ("Download Extras") instead of checking for updates, that sometimes works.
      3) Original author is still mentioned in the MODX extras site.
      4) I believe theboxer is the current maintainer. The repo is at https://github.com/modxcms/SimpleSearch
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