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    Totally new to Modx, and from the looks of it, the new company I am working for is using an older version of Modx.

    I have been asked to fix a bug with our website in which a prospective employee fills out an online employment application, but the "Position" field shows as a value of "blank" when the form's contents are mailed to HR.

    Also, how do I add an image to the auto-reponder (the email that gets sent to a prospective employee when they submit an online application)?

    Again, I am very familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, but MODX is completely foreign to me and I don't even know where to begin.

    Any assistance is great appreciated.

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      Hi Rob,

      Welcome to the MODX forums.

      You'll want to look at the input field for position and take note of the name attribute. Whatever the name attribute is is what you need to call in your chunk that gets emailed.

      So for example if the input field looked like this

      <input id="position" name="position" value="[[!fi.position]]> 

      Then in your email chunk you'll need to call it using:


      Feel free to check out this tutorial for a quick overview on setting up a working form.

      With regards to adding an image to your autoresponder you'll just need to upload an image somewhere and then reference it in your autoresponders chunk.
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        Note that if you're using MODX Evolution rather then MODX Revolution, or if you're not using FormIt to create the form, that solution won't work. If it's Revolution, you can look at your list of snippets on the Elements tab in the Manager and you should see FormIt listed there. If that's the case, the solution above should work. The chunk should be in the list of Chunks on the Elements tab, probably under the FormIt category.

        The version of MODX should be listed somewhere on the Manager page, so you can report it here for more help.
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