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  • Hi there!

    I installed the blox1.2.3-extra via the package management (MODX 2.5.7).

    blox is giving me some output with this call:


    But the "tpls"-part seems to be ignored, I got the same output with or without the tpls. The chunk "InserateBilder" exists.

    Secondly I can't find any chunks or anything else in the backend/manager. I also refreshed, logged out and flushed sessions. Somewhere in the forum i read about missing elements in the resource-tree (i can't find the thread atm), but the suggestion there was to use Bob Rays "SiteCheck", which i did use...it found a few errors which I could get rid of by hand. But still no chunks etc. showing up.

    I also deinstalled and reinstalled blox, without success.

    Last thing I tried was to edit the chunk files in the core/components/blox-folder, but this didn't change anything.

    At the moment I'm getting the pagination and the following:


    So I can't edit the output at all...

    Any hint available on what i'm doing wrong?

    (modified for some more explanation) [ed. note: profilneurotiker last edited this post 2 years, 1 month ago.]
    • if you don't need anything special, what only bloX could do, I would suggest, using migxLoopCollection from MIGX - package.

      use it like that:


        you can buy me a beer, if you like MIGX


      • Thanks Bruno - once again - for your excellent and fast help!

        This is woorking with the code you provided...i thought i tried this earlier as well, but i might be wrong.

        But...I guess you can tell if there should be a blox-folder in chunks in the backend, shoudn't it? Otherwise, how am I able to edit the blox-output?y