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    I have a Container parent Resource named 'Utility' which contains various sub-Containers e.g. Blog, with each sub-Container set to [[FirstChildRedirect]].

    It's like this:
    [Utility / 

    I have FURLs on, and I'm using Wayfinder to render my menus. This naturally leads to urls like this example: domain.com/utility/blog/

    What I would ideally like is to not have the word 'utility' appearing in the url, for example: domain.com/blog/

    I've tried it with the 'Utility' Resource set to 'Hide from menus' but that just does the obvious and hides the entire full menu, and subsequently the Blog, Contact, T&C pages etc.

    I've looked at FURL Settings - 'Use Frozen Parent URIs' but no joy there. Also tried adding 'utility' to 'FURL Alias Trim Characters' but no joy there either.

    Is there a way I can achieve this with Wayfinder? To hide just the one parent Container resource from the FURL but still render the sub-Containers in the menu???

    Thanks in advance.