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    HI, I am working on project for my wife. She wants to have the possibility to show her clients gallery with prepared photos so they can choose which to order.

    I used modx-2.5.7, gallery, personalize, login, phpthumbof, formit so far. Have built user profile. One part of that profile should show user gallery(ies). I thought about adding an owner column to the album part of database and selecting on the fly galleries for logged in user based on his/her ID.

    What do you think?

    I am looking through the code of gallery but haven't found part where I could make those changes sad
    Would be grateful for help

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      I haven't used Gallery for a long time so I'm not entirely sure off hand but what you could do is create a bunch of resource galleries using moreGallery from modmore.com and using resource groups for the different clients that only permits them access to the gallery you've assigned to them.

      Or alternatively use PageLocker to set a password on each resource that you give to your clients.
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