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    Hi, first post, hope you'll excuse my noobishness.

    I'm in charge of a site that was created (not by me) in 0.9.6 and never upgraded. We've been brought down by PHP upgrades by our host. I want to upgrade the site so this doesn't happen again. At least, in as much as I can control.

    Thing is, I've found a post about upgrading to 1.0.6, but nothing much about upgrading further than that in one go. I understand the process, I'm a little intimidated by it, as I never did the wiring for the snippets or templates, though I understand roughly how that's working for us.

    General gist: Backup, upload the new files (careful around the snippets folder, apparently), copy the old config file to the updated Manager folder, then run domain.com/install and select the upgrade option. Possibly uncheck snippets before it starts, then update them one by one. If all goes well, site pops back up. If all goes poorly, shenanigans. Referring to great guide here: http://www.evolution-docs.com/documentation/administration/upgrading and the post I mentioned above: https://forums.modx.com/thread/77856/help-currently-running-0-9-6-modx-and-need-to-upgrade-to-latest-version-soon.

    Does anyone know how far I can upgrade to? Apparently I can go to 1.0.6, and I'm sure I could go up in another step from there, but could I conceivably go to Evolution 1.2 in one go, from 0.9.6? Is there anything I could do to review/prep the site beforehand to make the transition easier? I'll have a tech helping me out, but he's unfamiliar with modx - is there anything he should know about just in case?

    Thanks for any help/expertise/advice,
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      Your thoughts are correct, but you should be able to upgrade to the latest version, not just 1.0.6

      The only things that may backfire are probably due to having outdated PHP code

      The latest version of Evo uses MYSQLi, not MYSQL, but for temp purposes you can change the DB setting in the config.inc.php to use MYSQL until you have all your code updated.

      I have updated directly from, 1.0.12 + 1.0.15 without any errors whatsoever

      You may also want to read this post, it also has links to other relevant info