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    I was just trying to move /core/ folder to a new sub-folder and after performing the steps described in the page https://docs.modx.com/revolution/2.x/administering-your-site/security/hardening-modx-revolution, section Locking down MODX > Core
    I got an error when I was trying to access the Manager page. After some time found that the first file:
    core/config/config.inc.php (change the $modx_core_path variable)
    is missing one more path to update and it is
    Since it refers to /core/ sub-folders and can't find the /core/ in the root, it generates error and bans access to the Manager login page.

    p.s. the page suggests updating the database workspaces table but in my case the path here is a sort of variable - {core_path}. Does it still require any change or update installation in version 2.5.7?
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      I added a note in the Core section. Thanks for the heads up. smiley

      I also added a note that updating the workspaces table is only necessary in older versions of MODX. You're correct that it no longer needs to be done.

      I think in some older versions, the processors path was defined in relative to the core path, so this wasn't necessary for those versions.
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