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    Hi all.
    I've managed to get Quip finally installed and working from the Extras Download (2.3.3-pl), however I feel like it's unfinished.
    I then renamed the Quip paths in the Assets and Core paths (just in case) and installed the version from "https://github.com/benk-cogapp/Quip". But there still seem to be issues.

    I'm using Quip like this so that I can turn on or off the comment per document.


    The TV I'm using is called: closeCommentsTV

    It has the following settings:
    Input Type: Check Box
    Input Option Values: Hide Comments==1
    Default Value: 0

    The Chunk I'm using is called: Show_Comments
    It has the following:

      <hr />
      <div class="post-comments" id="comments">
        <br /><br />

    While all that works at a basic level, I have discovered a bug.:
    In the manager, the "Unapproved Comments" tab shows no results, even though I can go to "Latest Comments" and see all the comments in there, regardless if they are approved or not.

    I'd also like to see in the web view, it give the option of approving the comments right on the page, as well as being able to do it in the admin section. On the web view, it at least tells you if the comment is not approved to not, so I guess it could be possible.

    Is anyone maintaining this project anymore, or is there a better way of doing this since Quip was written 5+ years ago?