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  • New user here..

    I am looking to inject just the answers to multiple questions into a results page.

    For example: Question 1: Are you nice or mean? A1 Nice A2 Mean / Question 2: Are you Large or small A1 Large A2 Small Q3 Whats your name?

    Results page: You are a q1-a1, q2-a2 person q3..

    Here is an example on typeform
    • I would store each response in a $_SESSION variable as the page is submitted.

      You could also use JavaScript to grab them as you go along, but I think using a $_SESSION variable would be easier to implement and leave you more options for displaying and storing the data (if you want that).

      If you're going to store the results, I think it work better in MODX Revolution, where you could take advantage of xPDO.
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      • To be honest, I am a 100% newbie and I just got lost with that solution. I was hoping there was a feature in the interface itself for Eform. If not, where might be a good place to start to learn this mod stuff?
        • I haven't used MODX Evolution for years, so I'm limited in how much I can help.

          I don't know if eForm has a way for you to capture the form data after it's submitted or not, but even if it does, you'd need some custom PHP code to handle it.

          I tend to write my own form handling PHP code rather than using form extras. You could start with some articles about PHP form handling:

          But you might be better off looking at how to write PHP code first. What you're trying to do would be pretty much impossible without using PHP (or JavaScript -- which I don't recommend for a beginning project).

          There's a PHP primer in the Appendix of my book that I think is a really good place for beginners to start learning PHP, and the book is full of code examples showing how to do things in MODX. The book leans toward MODX Revolution (which I recommend that you switch to if you are just starting the site), but there's a fair amount of Evolution stuff in there too. The MODX Manager section is out-of-date because the Manager has been reorganized, but most people find things without too much trouble.

          There are also plenty of free PHP tutorials on the web:
            Get my Book: MODX:The Official Guide
            MODX info for everyone:
            My MODX Extras
            Bob's Guides is now hosted at A2 MODX Hosting
          • I would definitely recommend Bobs book. It is invaluable and the PHP section really helps. You might also look at for a decent free, interactive online PHP course.
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