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    We are looking for a long term really good back-end programmer who has strong knowledge of MODx and also how SPA (single page applications) work. You don't need to do front-end but you must be good at understanding Angular and React as front-end is done using those at most cases.

    You don't need to be full-time (but you can become full-time) so let me know how many hours per week you wish to work for us. But you need to be wishing to work long-term.

    About us: We're small enthusiastic team of freelancers working together some of us more than 15 years already so we're experienced and easy to work with. We're friendly and every project has a project manager who's main goal is to keep everybody happy and take the stress away from the project. Of course everybody have to deliver on-time great quality - otherwise even project manager can't make it too smooth:)

    You should be:

    * You must be good at giving approx. estimation on approximate hours it will take to complete task first and then work hourly based using time tracker.
    * Be experienced with working with Bitbucket.
    * Must be good at English and good communicator. Always give good communication. You must be available using Trello project management, Slack IM and occasionally via screen-sharing calls.
    * Always happy to learn new technologies and improve skillset.
    * Located close to Europe - no more than +4h from UK!

    If you feel that this is something that you would like to jump in then please contact!!! Let me know bit more about your experience, your hourly rate, etc. Cheers!