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  • Hi Gang,

    I am trying to find the right calendar solution for my needs since the calendars offer through modx arent what Im looking for. (DocCalendar for EVO was almost right except I couldnt figure out how to do daily resources from a single resource).

    So Im trying jquery.calendario.js from http://www.codrops.com.

    I am able to make a resource event-data.js in modx Revo and have my call in it to grab a date TV, title, resource URL and have it work.

    var canvasEvents = {
    [[!getResources? &parents=`4` &includeTVs=`1` &processTVs=`1` &tvPrefix=`` &limit=`100` &tpl=`event_js`]]

    But I have some daily events that I would like to only use a single resource (so I dont have to make 30 resources for 30 days) and show on every day of calendar.

    Is this possible? I would pay someone for getting this working now I need it.
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