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    I am new to MODX and I am a legacy version of 1.0.4. I understand that there is no direct upgrade from EVO to REVO. So I think I will just stick to EVO but upgrading it to MODX Evolution 1.2.1.

    But how can I upgrade it? Where is my local theme folder: templates, images, etc that I need to back up and move them to 1.2.1?

    In WordPress, we can find our local them in wp-content/, what about MODX?
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      The simple answer is - it's where the previous developer put it

      You are not restricted with Evo or Revo to where you place your files. If your predecessor used the default set-up, you may find your files on your server in the "assets" folder, possibly split down into the following folders: "images/", "templates/", "media/", "files/". But again, that isn't neccessarily fact

      The templates (HTML structure) will (in most cases) be in the DB - In Evo you can find them in the control / admin panel under: Elements => Manage Elements => Templates Tab

      Note: templates in Evo & Revo have nothing in common with WordPress themes, they are completely different - you need to read the documentation

      I personaly think you should have a play before you start working on a live site and take a look at the documentation - you will find a lot there [ed. note: iusemodx last edited this post 6 years, 11 months ago.]