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  • Hey all, I was shocked that I figured this out or at least identified the culprit but maybe someone has a fix or at least this post could possibly help someone else until a fix is found...

    So on my <a href="https://springhillwebdesigners.com">company web design site</a>, my contact form submissions were saving in the formit section of the manager and validating correctly on the front end, however in the emails coming from my website contact form, all I was getting was "[[+fields]]" (which I found ZERO support for on google) but I have 4 versions of this site at different domains and was retracing my steps over the past few weeks as far as edits on this version and remembered that I had changed the php version from 5.5 to 7.1 on my server and voila! the form was sending all data correctly again.

    So basically that's it. Anyone experience this, have a fix or could at least explain what's causing that for the betterment of our society and the common man?

    Thanks in advance.
    • Nothing? Noone? :O
      • Can you post your FormIt call and the chunk of the email template you use for formatting the email?
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        • I have a similar problem here. After switching to php 7.0. the email hook crashes, so no email is sent and only a white page is returned. Any ideas on that?
          • Hello. After switching to php 7.1. formit don't sent a email.
            • I simply and unfortunately had to switch back to 7.0 which does work for me. I had found something mentioned sounding similar to this problem in regards to a recent modx update (fix) but I don't believe it is fixed as it still happens on one of my sites to date, although I am not 100% sure that site is fully up to date. Are your sites fully up to date with the most recent modx revo?

              • I'm sending email with PHP 7.1, though I did have trouble with the sender of the email. I think the mail function in 7.1 is pickier about this. IIRC, I had to edit the email accounts in PhpMyAdmin to make sure the from address was authorized to send email from the server.
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