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    I've just been given a site to host on my server. It's a while since I did any MODX but it's so far so good, the site is up and running.

    Trouble is, in the manager I a getting an issue.

    The site map and the manager menus load fine but in the right hand panel, whatever I select in the menus I get this message;

    Could not find action file at: /var/www/vhosts/mydomain/public_html/manager/controllers/default/welcome.php (or other file depending on context)

    The bold bit is from the previous install.

    My new path is /home/mynewdomain/public_html/manager/controllers/default/welcome.php. I have edited core/config.inc.php - and double checked it.

    I have searched the database, apart for log entries I found one occurence in modx_workspaces, changed that.

    Where else might this path be lurking?
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      I might have found them; in core/cache/action_map/mgr/action.cache.php

      Is it safe to delete the contents of /core/cache?
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        You should allways delete everything under /core/cache/ before/after a new installation, an upgrade or a move to another server.

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