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    Hi all. I am very surprised this code does not work

    I have
    <li data-role="collapsible" data-iconpos="right" data-shadow="false" data-corners="false">
    	<h2><a href="[[+wf.link]]" [[+wf.attributes]]>[[+wf.linktext]]</a></h2>

    in Wayfinder.innerRowMobileTpl (for mobile)

    it produces such output
    <li class="data-role= ui-li-static ui-body-inherit" collapsible"="" data-iconpos="right" data-shadow="false" data-corners="false">
    	<h2><a href="service/" title="Услуги" class="dropdown-toggle disabled ui-link" data-toggle="dropdown">...

    It is very very strange. I only need to create a menu. I do not really need to play with TV parameters or something... It should work. But it does not. Please tell me what`s wrong, I`ll really appreciate this.

    This question has been answered by the-city. See the first response.

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      My typo, I am sorry for starting this thread and not checking it twice.