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    Has anyone got this Extra to work?

    My version of Modx and PHP conforms to the requirements but i'm not getting any output.
    I'm wondering if it's something to do with my Facebook setup. I chose 'Apps for Pages' and used the generated API keys. I add [[FB_Feed]] to a page and it doesn't display anything.
    As i understand it should give the ability to display a feed from a Facebook Page.
    What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help
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      I have the same problem with Facebook Feed 0.2.3-beta.

      I've created a Facebook app, entered the AppID and App Secret, updated the access token under Manager > Components > Facebook Feed. Added the snippet call with my retrieved Facebook personal numeric ID in. Also tried creating a new Facebook app but still get this error in the log:

      /Users/xx/Projekt/mamp_dev/core/components/facebook_feed/model/fb_feed/feed.class.php : 222) Graph Error: Invalid OAuth access token signature.

      Nothing is displayed on the page.
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        With help of the developer on GitHub the feed now displays fine for me. The problem was that in the System Settings facebook_feed.access_token the access token looked like this (I've replaced the numbers and letters in the token):


        After removing everything but the actual token (the string of numbers and letters) the feed is displayed.