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    (This seems more of a generic beginners question, rather than something for the 'e-commerce' section. If this is wrong, then Admins please let me know or move it to the correct place - Thanks)

    I've been the admin for a (pre-existing) ModX website for a couple of years now, I've been learning about Modx Revo for that time, and this is my first serious post on here.

    As a test I have recently installed ModX Revo 2.4.4 on a PC using the Bitnami setup as a testbed to evaluate Minishop2.

    I have installed and configured Minishop2 by following the Garret Overstreet tutorial:- http://garretoverstreet.com/support/developers/cms/modx/revolution/add-ons/minishop2.

    Towards the end of the tutorial Garret says "Start your Minishop" and seems to click on 'View Site' (which to my knowledge runs the code on the home page?)

    Given that Garret never modified the home page, my question is:- How do I actually start Minishop2, please?


    Ian Roll

    This question has been answered by savalo. See the first response.

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      I've started it with snippet [[!msProducts]]
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        Savalo - many thanks for this.

        Interestingly, I tried this snippet call before I posted my question. I even (in desperation) tried it with all the different profiles, but without success..

        What I get when I call this snippet is just a blank page. I think that there is either something that I am still missing or my test setup isn't working very well.

        Thanks anyway, I'll go check around again.