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    zeven jaar geleden heb ik blijkbaar een testsite aangemaakt op modx.com (jollywood.site11.com). Deze blijkt nu gehacked te zijn en ik kan zelf niet meer in de BO. Hoe en door wie kan ik deze website laten verwijderen? Alvast dank, Jollywood.

    This question has been answered by iusemodx. See the first response.

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      If the Google translation worked properly, I understnad that you want to remove the site.

      1) If you have the login details for the server - login and delete the website
      2) No login information:
      2a) Contact the provider and tell them your situation and ask them to reset the login details "OR"
      2b) Leave it as is, it's a free hosting solution provided by the "000webhost" network

      I personally wouldn't do "2b" but if thats the only way to go, then do it. Put the responsibility in the hands of the service provider

      If the service is being abused, they should by rights stop the service anyway, sooner or later
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        Hello iusemodx,

        Thanks for the reply,

        The goodle translation dit its work.

        I really want to delete the website but have no login details for the backoffice.
        When I ask for a new password to my BO login I don't get an email.

        Where do I begin searching for a contact to delete the website?



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          Remove "jollywood." from "jollywood.site11.com" and you get "site11.com"

          Take a look at that domain and you will see a "Contact" link in the footer - give that a try

          I wouldn't hold your breath though.

          I see no other solution
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            Hi Iusemodx,

            Thanks, thats a brilliant idea.
            I'll give it a try and see what happens but won't hold my breath.

            I'll try to report back.

            Regards, Jollywood
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              They indeed suspended my site but didn't delete the site as I asked.

              Thanks for your help Iusemodx!!