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  • I have problem with pagination. My parent (100) has 17 items. First page is shown OK, but the second displays random items (some of them from first page). What could be wrong?

    &pageFirstTpl=`<li class="control"><a[[+classes]][[+title]] href="[[+href]]">First</a></li>` 
    &pageLastTpl=`<li class="control"><a[[+classes]][[+title]] href="[[+href]]">Last</a></li>` 
    &tplFirst = `tplFirstRow` 
    <div class="paging"> <ul class="pageList pagination"> [[!+page.nav]] </ul> </div>
    • I found it... I should use non cached [[!$chunk]] instead of [[$chunk]] inside &tpl_n3, &tplLast, &tplFirst