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  • Hi Bruno,

    So I recently transferred a website from one domain to another, and everything is working fine other than the multi-upload. The folder is correctly created for each resource with the proper permissions, but when I open the multi-upload box there is no "upload files" button and I can't drag images into it (screenshot attached along with the console error).

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

    This question has been answered by Bruno17. See the first response.

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      Nick Hoag
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    • thefutureforward Reply #2, 2 years ago
      So I've figured out that this is due to having installed an SSL certificate on the website. The call to is not secure, so it's not loading.

      The only reference I can find to this file is in "ajaxupload.html" which is in the core/packages/migx-2.9.6-pl/ folder. But when I update that to the change isn't occurring and the error still appears (even after clearing core/cache and my browser cache etc).

      Any thoughts on how to update that path to be secure would be much appreciated.
        Nick Hoag
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        The FutureForward
      • discuss.answer
        did you try to change the file under

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        • thefutureforward Reply #4, 2 years ago
          Hi Bruno,

          Yes, that worked. Thanks!
            Nick Hoag
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          • This was a solution until PHP 7.1 and MODX 2.6.4, and whilst the ajaxupload.html file has been updated to https:// to load the jquery library, the Upload button no longer appears in the iframe - see attached image.

            This has been reported on github too along with a related issue concerning migxResourceMediaPath


            The site is hosted on MODX Cloud and MIGX version 2.12.0-pl is installed.
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            • @Bruno17,

              Any chance you can provide guidance on the previous post? The manual https fix for the jquery path doesn't work on PHP 7.1 and MODX 2.6.5.

              Thanks in advance!
                Nick Hoag
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                The FutureForward