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  • This happened after I transferred side to another domain (which I do often, so I have experience with modx on this question).
    It happens a lot (config paths, cache etc), but the weirdest thing this time that other pages in manager works normally! (if I go via some direct line, like, for instance /manager/?a=element/template/update&id=2 (site itself works ok as well))
    Only the /manager/ is blank and there are no (even 500) errors whatsoever.
    I am totally lost.

    //So, I dived into code and I've discovered that it works up until
    $placeholders['dashboard'] = $this->dashboard->render($this); in welcome.class.php (str 64)
    and then inside, it stops on
    $placeholders = $this->process($this->scriptProperties); in modmanagercontroller.class.php (str 149).
    On the previous site it returns some values, on this - none whatsoever.
    May be this will hint on something.
    ///Ooook, I discovered that everything fails after trying to
    $content = $widget->getContent($controller); in moddashboard.class.php, whilte trying to load Modx Securty Feed, so I wrote like
    foreach ($placements as $placement) {
    /** @var modDashboardWidget $widget */
    $widget = $placement->getOne('Widget');

    /////Ooooook, I now just went to Widget Pannel and deleted that feed and everything works, wasted half my fay to fix this...what caused this widget to break down, I wonder.

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      My guess is that the server that supplies the feed wasn't responding or was responding very slowly. If you had waited long enough, the page content might have showed up.

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