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    Installing the exact same resource in an upgraded MODX Rev. v 2.5.1
    suddenly FileLister on that page adds filesize, lastmod and a 1 or 0 behind the link.

    Benelux HeraldN1.pdf 58.45 kb Oct 24, 2016 1
    Benelux HeraldNAll.pdf 243.62 kb Oct 24, 2016 0

    The 2.4.1 version did not use a chunk but resulted in a perfect link-list.
    [[!FileLister? &path=`assets/files/Her/` &outputSeparator=`..br /..` &sortDir=`DESC` &sortBy=`filename`]]

    Benelux HeraldN1.pdf
    Benelux HeraldNAll.pdf

    Everything is the same, but I cannot find the reason for this sudden addition...

    Installing chunks for listings does not have any effect, the additions just keep showing up.
    [ed. note: lmv last edited this post 7 years, 5 months ago.]
      • 17340
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      problem solved
      apparently former MODx-version allowed FL to work without it's chunks