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  • Hi All

    So I had a basic NewsPublisher 2.1.0 setup working with TinyMCE 4.3.3. But since the update to TMCE 4.3.4 I get an error 500 when &initrte=`1`.

    Anyone else come across this/have a fix?

    Thanks in advance!
    • You were best to switch to TinymceWrapper, as you will be hard pressed to get official support for the other two TinyMCE Extras.

      For ya information
      Your MODX Extra 4.3.4-pl uses TinyMCE version 3.4.7

      whereas the official version is now TinyMCE version 4.4.3 - updated 2016-09-01
      This is the new version that TinymceWrapper gladly uses.

      In short, you get my point wink

      Oh, and TinymceWrapper will work with your basic NewsPublisher basic setup
        TinymceWrapper: Complete back/frontend content solution.
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