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  • Description : this extra will help you to increase your website speed by hiding code on computer, tablet or mobile phone. It execute on server side that really increase your website speed.

    deviceDetection comes with two snippets.

    The first snippet (deviceDetection) is a very small extra that will help you to show or hide part of code like snippet, chunk, HTML, CSS or anything you want to.
    [[!deviceDetection? &computer=`1` &tablet=`1` &mobile=`0` &output=`chunk or common tags or whatever will be show on computer & tablet`]]

    The second snippet help you to detect a lot of different device. It will return 0 or 1 from all the methods available (178 methods) :
    [[!deviceDetectionTest? &method=`isMobile`]]

    You can try only one method!

    isMobile, isTablet, isiPhone, isBlackBerry, isHTC, isNexus, isDell, isMotorola, isSamsung, isLG, isSony, isAsus, isMicromax, isPalm, isVertu, isPantech, isFly, isWiko, isiMobile, isSimValley, isWolfgang, isAlcatel, isNintendo, isAmoi, isINQ, isGenericPhone, isiPad, isNexusTablet, isSamsungTablet, isKindle, isSurfaceTablet, isHPTablet, isAsusTablet, isBlackBerryTablet, isHTCtablet, isMotorolaTablet, isNookTablet, isAcerTablet, isToshibaTablet, isLGTablet, isFujitsuTablet, isPrestigioTablet, isLenovoTablet, isDellTablet, isYarvikTablet, isMedionTablet, isArnovaTablet, isIntensoTablet, isIRUTablet, isMegafonTablet, isEbodaTablet, isAllViewTablet, isArchosTablet, isAinolTablet, isSonyTablet, isPhilipsTablet, isCubeTablet, isCobyTablet, isMIDTablet, isMSITablet, isSMiTTablet, isRockChipTablet, isFlyTablet, isbqTablet, isHuaweiTablet, isNecTablet, isPantechTablet, isBronchoTablet, isVersusTablet, isZyncTablet, isPositivoTablet, isNabiTablet, isKoboTablet, isDanewTablet, isTexetTablet, isPlaystationTablet, isTrekstorTablet, isPyleAudioTablet, isAdvanTablet, isDanyTechTablet, isGalapadTablet, isMicromaxTablet, isKarbonnTablet, isAllFineTablet, isPROSCANTablet, isYONESTablet, isChangJiaTablet, isGUTablet, isPointOfViewTablet, isOvermaxTablet, isHCLTablet, isDPSTablet, isVistureTablet, isCrestaTablet, isMediatekTablet, isConcordeTablet, isGoCleverTablet, isModecomTablet, isVoninoTablet, isECSTablet, isStorexTablet, isVodafoneTablet, isEssentielBTablet, isRossMoorTablet, isiMobileTablet, isTolinoTablet, isAudioSonicTablet, isAMPETablet, isSkkTablet, isTecnoTablet, isJXDTablet, isiJoyTablet, isFX2Tablet, isXoroTablet, isViewsonicTablet, isOdysTablet, isCaptivaTablet, isIconbitTablet, isTeclastTablet, isOndaTablet, isJaytechTablet, isBlaupunktTablet, isDigmaTablet, isEvolioTablet, isLavaTablet, isAocTablet, isMpmanTablet, isCelkonTablet, isWolderTablet, isMiTablet, isNibiruTablet, isNexoTablet, isLeaderTablet, isUbislateTablet, isPocketBookTablet, isKocasoTablet, isHudl, isTelstraTablet, isGenericTablet, isAndroidOS, isBlackBerryOS, isPalmOS, isSymbianOS, isWindowsMobileOS, isWindowsPhoneOS, isiOS, isMeeGoOS, isMaemoOS, isJavaOS, iswebOS, isbadaOS, isBREWOS, isChrome, isDolfin, isOpera, isSkyfire, isIE, isFirefox, isBolt, isTeaShark, isBlazer, isSafari, isTizen, isUCBrowser, isbaiduboxapp, isbaidubrowser, isDiigoBrowser, isPuffin, isMercury, isObigoBrowser, isNetFront, isGenericBrowser, isPaleMoon, isiphone, isIphone, istablet, isIOS, isWhateverYouWan

    I hope this help.