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    Do you know serious webhosting company, preferably in Europe, offering short duration plans?
    Typically for 1 month?

    It would be for simple PHP/MySQL MODx websites, so that I have a temporary solution whilst testing a VPS.

    I'm looking for some plan in the 4$/month - 10$/month price range.

    I'm aware that some companies offer a few trial free months but I prefer paying something and have some simple but reliable hosting.


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      Some of these hosts will give a refund if you cancel:


      In fact, some (I think Bluehost is one) will give you a full refund if you cancel within 30 days, so your hosting would be free except for the cost of the domain name, which you should purchase elsewhere (e.g., NameCheap) if you ever plan to use it again.
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        You can email my company if you like:

        [email protected]

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          I would totally consider a cloud VPS for this.

          Spin up VULTR or DigitalOcean or UpCloud. Or heck even a free trial of Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS will give you some time with a server without any cost.

          All these options will be less than $10 for the month.

          You will only get a bare server but that's ok! If you aren't the best with server management and want a control panel to install the LAMP stack, I would take a look at Vesta: https://vestacp.com/.

          If you install Vesta, you'll get a full LAMP stack and a control panel interface in about 10 minutes. I've installed MODX many times on it with little extra configuring of the server.

          Good luck!
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            Thank you for your answers.

            It would be for simple PHP/MySQL MODx websites, so that I have a temporary solution whilst testing a VPS.
            The idea is not being under pressure whilst installing/configuring/testing a VPS like VULTR, DigitalOcean or UpCloud ones.

            I found these ones allowing short duration:
            http://livehost.fr (in France)
            Both seem using cPanel, which I dislike.

            My current host, Yellis.net has currently 4-month plans because it will end its activity at the end of 2016. I like its reliability, its panel and the support is competent.

            For those speaking French, I found out that Gandi.net, who is well known in France, has a solution named "Simple Hosting", https://www.gandi.net/hebergement/simple, which is cloud based, has 10 free days and seem allowing billing per month. It seems being in the middle of a shared hosting and a VPS (dedicated ressources like a VPS, but I assume with an admin panel like a shared hosting).
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              I know these 2 global hosting providers offer monthly plan. Hostgator offers a monthly payment options on their shared hosting packages such asHatchling Plan ($8.95/month), Baby Plan ($9.95/month) and Unlimited Plan ($14.95/month).

              Godaddy offers monthly payment options on their Deluxe ($8.99/month) and Unlimited ($14.99/month) hosting plans.
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                BGOcloud offers monthly payments, and their prices seem very affordable to me. They are in accordance with your budget as well. I've been using this host for a few months and I have never had any issues.