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  • The first patch release of MODX Revolution 2.5, 2.5.1 is now available. There are mostly small changes but of note are fixes to the Amazon S3 Media Sources and S3 Buckets with dots (.) in the name and their image previews in the file tree. There were also two, minor potential security issues resolved. If you missed it, why not read the complete Revo 2.5 announcement.

    Highlights from the changelog:
    • Fix problem with S3 bucket names containing dot characters
    • Correctly display image preview in file tree for S3 media sources.
    • Use sans-serif font for TV textareas
    • Ensure Uberbar search results respect ACLs (user permissions/access)
    • Add missing viewport meta tag needed to correctly enable responsive MODX Manager and Manager login screen
    • E-Mail validation now supports domain extentions (gTLDs) with more than 6 characters
    • Two security fixes to prevent reflected XSS and closing SQL injection.

    Important Note for TinyMCE Users

    We have found an issue with the widely used TinyMCE Extra (the word processor-like toolbar for MODX Resources) where you cannot load Resources after Upgrading. TinyMCE by splittingred is no longer actively maintained and we recommend choosing one of the other TinyMCE Extras for 2.5.1+. There is a one-line patch available if you want to continue using TinyMCE.

    Nearly all releases contain vital security patches. If you are using a version lower than 2.3.6 you should consider an upgrade to 2.5.1 mandatory.

    Security is an Ongoing Process
    We cannot stress how important it is to run the most current version of MODX. We are always improving security. Upgrade regularly to reduce the chance of your site getting hacked. If you need help upgrading your MODX site, let us know.

    Release Contributors
    Let’s take the time to thank the individual contributors to this release (in alphabetical order by GitHub username): achterbahn, AppChecker, Bruno17, christianseel, enigmatic, ilyautkin, Jako, labr1005, lefthandmedia, MaartenW, Mark, matdave, opengeek, OptimusCrime, pixelchutes, Realetive, Ronald, sergant210, sottwell, theboxer, thewhiterabbit, and vgrish, along with many other contributors who log & triage issues, review PRs, and commit code. The MODX Community is amazing.

    Get Started with Revo 2.5
    Here’s what you need to get started or upgrade to MODX Revolution 2.5:

    Ask Not What MODX Can Do For You
    MODX is only as good as it is because of the many individual community members and users that take the time to report issues, request new features, and submit code to the project. Make sure you read the documentation,post feedback and share your experiences in the MODX community forums.

    On behalf of the entire MODX Team,
    We thank you!
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