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    Can someone make a folder Ex Yu that all people from Yugoslavia can post treir questions and answers in their home language?
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      It might be tough, this forum is already a bit creaky (I use the production version of this forum, Discuss extra). But there are a lot of subs that are just sort of there, could you all choose one (like even this one) and take it over for your own purposes? wink

      As far as multilingual, well this forum software handles a huge load of languages already, so why not? Have you tried using your local language to see how it works? All dbs must be utf-8, I guess there is no other way.

      Are you in the Balkans? I think Modx can have a lot of potential in south Europe, so many developers and IT companies in the whole region.
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        To do this you would need to talk to Jay Gilmore at Modx, he runs the forums. He could re-name a forum like for instance Chinese forum is long dead, just rename it to Ex-Yu smiley

        I was thinking before you would have to make a new forum which means a new entry into the Discuss forum software database, and I had some big errors with that, so I was thinking that's a very bad idea. But renaming should be a piece of cake. What happened with me is those forums switched places after creating a new one, which would piss people off as they are used to it the way it is. So 1 2 3 4 5 would shift oddly when I made six, and would finally be 1 3 6 4 5 2 or whatever.