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  • I have inherited a large website managed by MODX Revolution. I am trying to figure out a way to find and replace text within resources.

    We recently moved to HTTPS and of course there are tons of embedded YouTube videos and other things using HTTP and I would love to change them all over in one fell swoop. Any advice?

    • If you have database access via phpMyAdmin (or similar) the fastest way is to export the site_content table and use a good text editor to find/replace the strings you need to and then re-import the table. Definitely not the safest method, but it works. There used to be an add-on called Janitor that had a find/replace function (don't know if it's still supported) but I recall it being a bit dangerous as well. No matter what you do, be darn sure you back everything up first.
      • Another way to go (also not that safe), is to export the database to a .SQL file in PhpMyAdmin (that's the default for export).

        Edit the file with a text editor either with bulk search-and-replace, or do them one at a time (you won't want to change external links). Then import them DB with PhpMyAdmin.

        Delete all files in the core/cache directory before logging back in to MODX. You may also want to delete your browser cache and cookies.
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        • Thanks, I have been contemplating this option. I will make a database backup and give it a shot.