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I tried using the TinyMCE editor instead and that did get populated OK.

I note that KCFinder has this URL in it's window when called from CKEditor:

...so presumably the fact that it thinks it is being called by tinymce is a big clue to as to why it does not populate CKEditor - but I have no idea where to change this.

I have got the CKEditor defined in the settings.

I don't remember exactly why I went for CKEditor over TinyMCE - I think it had something to do with less potential for self inflicted harm by the customer - but I do note now that the page displays reasonably accurately in CKEditor and not very accurately at all in TinyMCE - so I'm reluctant to change.

Any idea how I can get KCFinder to correctly populate the URL field in the CKEditor image properties dialog?

Or am I swimming against the flow and should I just switch to TinyMCE (with the attendant grief for the customer)?

Thanks for any suggestions...]]>
Byzantium Sep 08, 2014, 02:30 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/93055/kcfinder-not-passing-image-url-back-to-ckeditor#dis-post-508314
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