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1. Log in to my.skytoaster.com, using the Secure Client Login button.

2. Go to Services -> My Services.

3. Click the View Details button for the Hosted Email service.

4. The Email Hosting Dashboard section will have the information you need to set up any external DNS records you need; you can use SkyToaster's DNS servers, or edit the DNS records of whatever service you are using.

I clicked the little + icon next to the Option 2, since I have my domain registered with Hover and I'm using Hover's DNS servers. I simply created the new records as specified. This procedure may vary from DNS service to DNS service; with Hover it was very straightforward to simply create the new records specified on the SkyToaster page.

5. Back in the Email Hosting Dashboard, go to Email Hosting. Here you can activate your primary email account, as well as create new accounts.

You can use SkyToaster's Webmail, or you can configure a local mail client as usual.

Username: email@domain.com
Password: xxxxxxxx
POP Server pop.domain.com
IMAP Server imap.domain.com
SMTP Server smtp.domain.com]]>
sottwell Jan 02, 2013, 01:49 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/81428/using-skytoaster-039-s-email-service#dis-post-449016