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1. Log in with SkyToaster's "Secure Client Login" button on this page.

2. Go to Domains -> My Domain.

3. Click the "Manage Domain" button for your domain.

3. Go to "Free Mail Hosting".

4. Click the green "Activate" button to go to the form to create your main, "catchall" account.

5. Use the "Create Account" tab, back in the email management page, to create your second free account.

That's all. You can access the accounts via SkyToaster's webmail, or configure your local email client.

User: you@yourdomain.com
Password: xxxxxxxx
Incoming Server (POP3) pop.yourdomain.com
Incoming Server (IMAP) imap.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Server (SMTP) smtp.yourdomain.com

Since SkyToaster provides the DNS servers for your domain, you don't need to make any MX record changes anywhere.

Note: When you configure your local mail client, you'll probably get it complaining about the certificate not being valid for the domain. This is because the certificate is issued for the SkyToaster domain, not your domain. It doesn't really hurt anything. I just tell my client to go ahead and trust the certificate in this case, since I know what it's actually doing.

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