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Перевод публиковать прям здесь, не нужно регистрироваться нигде.
Переведем все (или не все) строки и отправим на гитхаб.
Файл с непереведенными строками.
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_contexts'] = 'A comma-separated list of Contexts that the Resource Group should pertain to for the following options.';
access: $_lang['resource_group_automatic_access'] = 'Access Wizard';
access: $_lang['resource_group_automatic_access_desc'] = 'Note: You may have to flush sessions after adding the Resource Group if you check any of the options below.';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_admin'] = 'Automatically Give Adminstrator Group Access';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_admin_desc'] = 'If checked, will give the Administrator Group view and editing access to this Resource Group for the above contexts.';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_anon'] = 'Automatically Give Anonymous Access';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_anon_desc'] = 'If checked, will give non-logged-in users view access to this Resource Group for the above contexts.';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_parallel'] = 'Create Parallel User Group';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_parallel_desc'] = 'If checked, will automatically create a User Group with the same name, and give it view access to this Resource Group for the above contexts.';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_ugs'] = 'Automatically Give Other User Groups Access';
access: $_lang['resource_group_access_ugs_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of User Group names. If non-blank, will give the User Groups specified here view access to this Resource Group for the above contexts.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw'] = 'Access Wizard';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_desc'] = 'Note: You may have to flush sessions after adding the User Group if you check any of the options below.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_contexts'] = 'Contexts';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_contexts_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of Contexts that this User Group should be able to view.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_manager_policy'] = 'Manager Policy';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_manager_policy_desc'] = 'The Policy to give the User Group for editing in the manager. Select (no policy) if you do not want to grant manager access.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_users'] = 'Users';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_users_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of usernames to add to this User Group. You can use the format username:role to set the role; otherwise, Member will be assumed.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_resource_groups'] = 'Resource Groups';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_resource_groups_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of Resource Groups to give access to in the Contexts specified above.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_categories'] = 'Element Categories';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_categories_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of Element Categories to give access to in the Contexts specified above.';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_parallel'] = 'Create Parallel Resource Group';
access: $_lang['user_group_aw_parallel_desc'] = 'If checked, will automatically create a Resource Group with the same name, and give this User Group view access to it in the Contexts specified above.';
access: $_lang['user_group_category_context_desc'] = 'The Context to target for Elements with the above Category associated to them.';
access: $_lang['user_group_category_policy_desc'] = 'The Policy to apply to this Context with Elements in the Category for this User Group. This will grant all Users in this User Group with the selected minimum Role all the Permissions in the Policy.';
access: $_lang['user_group_resourcegroup_context_desc'] = 'The Context to target for items with the above Resource Group associated to them.';
dashboards: $_lang['widget_html'] = 'HTML';
element: $_lang['element_static_source_immutable'] = 'The static file specified as the element source is not writable! You cannot edit the content of this element in the manager.';
element: $_lang['element_static_source_protected_invalid'] = 'You cannot point your Element to the MODX configuration directory; this is a protected, non-accessible directory.';
export: $_lang['export_site_message'] = '<p>Using this function you can export the entire site to HTML files. Please note, however, that you will lose a lot of the MODX functionality should you do so:</p><ul><li>Page reads on the exported files will not be recorded.</li><li>Interactive snippets will NOT work in exported files</li><li>Only regular documents will be exported, Weblinks will not be exported.</li><li>The export process may fail if your documents contain snippets which send redirection headers.</li><li>Depending on how you\'ve written your documents, style sheets and images, the design of your site may be broken. To fix this, you can save/move your exported files to the same directory where the main MODX index.php file is located.</li></ul><p>Please fill out the form and press \'Export\' to start the export process. The files created will be saved in the location you specify, using, where possible, the document\'s aliases as filenames. While exporting your site, it\'s best to have the MODX configuration item \'Friendly aliases\' set to \'yes\'. Depending on the size of your site, the export may take a while.</p><p><em>Any existing files will be overwritten by the new files if their names are identical!</em></p>';
file: $_lang['upf_success'] = 'OK.';
formcustomization: $_lang['for_parent_desc'] = 'Check this when you want this rule to apply to the parent. Only use with Resources or objects with a `parent` field. Useful for the "create" page of Resources.';
formcustomization: $_lang['region'] = 'Region';
formcustomization: $_lang['regions'] = 'Regions';
formcustomization: $_lang['tab_id'] = 'ID';
login: $_lang['login_language'] = 'Language';
namespace: $_lang['namespace_assets_path'] = 'Assets Path';
namespace: $_lang['namespace_assets_path_desc'] = 'Specify an absolute path to the assets for this Namespace here. You may use placeholders like {assets_path}. Example: {assets_path}components/democomponent';
namespace: $_lang['namespace_name_desc'] = 'Specify a name for the Namespace here.';
namespace: $_lang['namespace_path'] = 'Core Path';
package_builder: $_lang['package_autoselects_desc'] = 'Please select the resources you would like the Package Builder to automatically include. Note: if building from the core, it is recommended not to check any of these.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_build'] = 'Build the Package';
package_builder: $_lang['package_build_desc'] = 'You are now ready to build the package. Once built, it will be placed in your core/packages directory.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_build_err'] = 'An error occurred while trying to build the package.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_build_xml'] = 'Build Package from XML';
package_builder: $_lang['package_build_xml_desc'] = 'Please select a valid build XML file for your component.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_builder'] = 'Package Builder';
package_builder: $_lang['package_built'] = 'The package has been built.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_info'] = 'Package Information';
package_builder: $_lang['package_info_desc'] = 'First specify the package information, such as name, version and release.';
package_builder: $_lang['package_method'] = 'Select a Packaging Method';
package_builder: $_lang['package_method_desc'] = 'Please select the method of package building that you would like to use.';
package_builder: $_lang['preserve_keys'] = 'Preserve Keys';
package_builder: $_lang['preserve_keys_desc'] = 'This will preserve the primary keys to the values that they currently are in your DB.';
package_builder: $_lang['resolve_files'] = 'Resolve Files';
package_builder: $_lang['resolve_files_desc'] = 'When checked, this will resolve the files specified in the resolvers.';
package_builder: $_lang['resolve_php'] = 'Resolve PHP Scripts';
package_builder: $_lang['resolve_php_desc'] = 'When checked, this will resolve the PHP scripts specified in the resolvers.';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_add'] = 'Add Resolver';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_create'] = 'Create Resolver';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_name_desc'] = 'The name of the resolver. Used for organizational purposes.';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_source_desc'] = 'The absolute path of the source of the resolver. If it is a file resolver, select the directory of the files you\'d like to copy. If a PHP Script, specify the script. Example: <br /><br />/public_html/modx/_build/components/demo/';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_target_desc'] = 'The absolute path target for where the resolver should put files or actions. Usually you won\'t have to change this. Example: <br /><br />return MODX_ASSETS_PATH . "snippets/";';
package_builder: $_lang['resolver_type_desc'] = 'File resolvers make sure to copy all the files in the source directory to the target. PHP Script resolvers execute the source file as PHP.';
package_builder: $_lang['resolvers'] = 'Resolvers';
package_builder: $_lang['source'] = 'Source';
package_builder: $_lang['target'] = 'Target';
package_builder: $_lang['type'] = 'Type';
package_builder: $_lang['unique_key'] = 'Unique Key';
package_builder: $_lang['unique_key_desc'] = 'A unique key identifying how to search for the object. Can be a string or comma-delimited list. Examples: <br />"name" for modPlugin<br />"templatename" for modTemplate<br />Or more complex, "pluginid,evtid" for modPluginEvent';
package_builder: $_lang['update_object'] = 'Update Object';
package_builder: $_lang['update_object_desc'] = 'If checked, this will update the object if it is found. If not checked, it will not save the object if it is already found.';
package_builder: $_lang['use_wizard'] = 'Use the Wizard';
package_builder: $_lang['use_xml'] = 'Build from an XML file';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicle'] = 'Vehicle';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicle_add'] = 'Add Vehicle';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicle_create'] = 'Create Vehicle';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicles'] = 'Vehicles';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicles_add'] = 'Add Vehicles';
package_builder: $_lang['vehicles_desc'] = 'Vehicles are the objects that are contained in the package. You may add them in here.';
propertyset: $_lang['area'] = 'Area';
propertyset: $_lang['areas'] = 'Areas';
propertyset: $_lang['property'] = 'Property';
propertyset: $_lang['property_area_desc'] = 'The area, or group, this property belongs to.';
resource: $_lang['resource_uri'] = 'URI';
resource: $_lang['weblink_response_code'] = 'Response Code';
resource: $_lang['weblink_response_code_help'] = 'The HTTP response code that should be sent for the weblink.';
setting: $_lang['area_core'] = 'Core Code';
setting: $_lang['area_phpthumb'] = 'phpThumb';
setting: $_lang['setting_cache_db_session'] = 'Enable Database Session Cache';
setting: $_lang['setting_cache_db_session_desc'] = 'When enabled, and cache_db is enabled, database sessions will be cached in the DB result-set cache.';
setting: $_lang['setting_cache_db_session_lifetime'] = 'Expiration Time for DB Session Cache';
setting: $_lang['setting_cache_db_session_lifetime_desc'] = 'This value (in seconds) sets the amount of time cache files last for session entries in the DB result-set cache.';
setting: $_lang['setting_compress_js_max_files_desc'] = 'The maximum number of JavaScript files MODX will attempt to compress at once when compress_js is on. Set to a lower number if you are experiencing issues with Google Minify in the manager.';
setting: $_lang['setting_date_timezone'] = 'Default Time Zone';
setting: $_lang['setting_date_timezone_desc'] = 'Controls the default timezone setting for PHP date functions, if not empty. If empty and the PHP date.timezone ini setting is not set in your environment, UTC will be assumed.';
setting: $_lang['setting_form_customization_use_all_groups'] = 'Use All User Group Memberships for Form Customization';
setting: $_lang['setting_form_customization_use_all_groups_desc'] = 'If set to true, FC will use *all* Sets for *all* User Groups a member is in when applying Form Customization Sets. Otherwise, it will only use the Set belonging to the User\'s Primary Group. Note: setting this to Yes might cause bugs with conflicting FC Sets.';
setting: $_lang['setting_friendly_alias_word_delimiters'] = 'FURL Alias Word Delimiters';
setting: $_lang['setting_friendly_alias_word_delimiters_desc'] = 'Characters which represent word delimiters when processing friendly URL alias slugs. These characters will be converted and consolidated to the preferred FURL alias word delimiter.';
setting: $_lang['setting_friendly_urls_strict'] = 'Use Strict Friendly URLs';
setting: $_lang['setting_friendly_urls_strict_desc'] = 'When friendly URLs are enabled, this option forces non-canonical requests that match a Resource to 301 redirect to the canonical URI for that Resource. WARNING: Do not enable if you use custom rewrite rules which do not match at least the beginning of the canonical URI. For example, a canonical URI of foo/ with custom rewrites for foo/bar.html would work, but attempts to rewrite bar/foo.html as foo/ would force a redirect to foo/ with this option enabled.';
setting: $_lang['setting_lock_ttl'] = 'Lock Time-to-Live';
setting: $_lang['setting_lock_ttl_desc'] = 'The number of seconds a lock on a Resource will remain for if the user is inactive.';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_helo'] = 'SMTP Helo Message';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_helo_desc'] = 'Sets the SMTP HELO of the message (Defaults to the hostname).';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_keepalive'] = 'SMTP Keep-Alive';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_keepalive_desc'] = 'Prevents the SMTP connection from being closed after each mail sending. Not recommended.';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_pass_desc'] = 'The password to authenticate to SMTP against.';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_prefix_desc'] = 'Sets connection prefix. Options are "", "ssl" or "tls"';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_single_to_desc'] = 'Provides the ability to have the TO field process individual emails, instead of sending to entire TO addresses.';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_timeout_desc'] = 'Sets the SMTP server timeout in seconds. This function will not work in win32 servers.';
setting: $_lang['setting_mail_smtp_user_desc'] = 'The user to authenticate to SMTP against.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_favicon_url'] = 'Manager Favicon URL';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_favicon_url_desc'] = 'If set, will load this URL as a favicon for the MODX manager. Must be a relative URL to the manager/ directory, or an absolute URL.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_cache_file_locking'] = 'Enable File Locking for Manager JS/CSS Cache';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_cache_file_locking_desc'] = 'Cache file locking. Set to No if filesystem is NFS.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_cache_max_age_desc'] = 'Maximum age of browser cache of manager CSS/JS compression in seconds. After this period, the browser will send another conditional GET. Use a longer period for lower traffic.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_document_root'] = 'Manager JS/CSS Compression Document Root';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_document_root_desc'] = 'If your server does not handle the DOCUMENT_ROOT server variable, set it explicitly here to enable the manager CSS/JS compression. Do not change this unless you know what you are doing.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_js_zlib_output_compression_desc'] = 'Whether or not to enable zlib output compression for compressed CSS/JS in the manager. Do not turn this on unless you are sure the PHP config variable zlib.output_compression can be set to 1. MODX recommends leaving it off.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_login_url_alternate'] = 'Alternate Manager Login URL';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_login_url_alternate_desc'] = 'An alternate URL to send an unauthenticated user to when they need to login to the manager. The login form there must login the user to the "mgr" context to work.';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_week_start'] = 'Week start';
setting: $_lang['setting_manager_week_start_desc'] = 'Define the day starting the week. Use 0 (or leave empty) for sunday, 1 for monday and so on...';
setting: $_lang['setting_modRequest.class_desc'] = '';
setting: $_lang['setting_modx_browser_default_sort'] = 'File Browser Default Sort';
setting: $_lang['setting_modx_browser_default_sort_desc'] = 'The default sort method when using the popup File Browser in the manager. Available values are: name, size, lastmod (last modified).';
setting: $_lang['setting_principal_targets'] = 'ACL Targets to Load';
setting: $_lang['setting_principal_targets_desc'] = 'Customize the ACL targets to load for MODX Users.';
setting: $_lang['setting_proxy_auth_type_desc'] = 'Supports either BASIC or NTLM.';
setting: $_lang['setting_proxy_host'] = 'Proxy Host';
setting: $_lang['setting_proxy_host_desc'] = 'If your server is using a proxy, set the hostname here to enable MODX features that might need to use the proxy, such as Package Management.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_allow_src_above_docroot'] = 'phpThumb Allow src Above Document Root';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_allow_src_above_docroot_desc'] = 'Indicates if the src path is allowed outside the document root. This is useful for multi-context deployments with multiple virtual hosts.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_document_root'] = 'PHPThumb Document Root';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_document_root_desc'] = 'Set this if you are experiencing issues with the server variable DOCUMENT_ROOT, or getting errors with OutputThumbnail or !is_resource. Set it to the absolute document root path you would like to use. If this is empty, MODX will use the DOCUMENT_ROOT server variable.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_far'] = 'phpThumb Force Aspect Ratio';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_far_desc'] = 'The default far setting for phpThumb when used in MODX. Defaults to C to force aspect ratio toward the center.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_imagemagick_path_desc'] = 'Optional. Set an alternative ImageMagick path here for generating thumbnails with phpThumb, if it is not in the PHP default.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_enabled'] = 'phpThumb Hotlinking Disabled';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_enabled_desc'] = 'Remote servers are allowed in the src parameter unless you disable hotlinking in phpThumb.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_erase_image'] = 'phpThumb Hotlinking Erase Image';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_erase_image_desc'] = 'Indicates if an image generated from a remote server should be erased when not allowed.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_text_message'] = 'phpThumb Hotlinking Not Allowed Message';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_text_message_desc'] = 'A message that is rendered instead of the thumbnail when a hotlinking attempt is rejected.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_valid_domains'] = 'phpThumb Hotlinking Valid Domains';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nohotlink_valid_domains_desc'] = 'A comma-delimited list of hostnames that are valid in src URLs.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_enabled'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Disabled';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_enabled_desc'] = 'Disables the ability for others to use phpThumb to render images on their own sites.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_erase_image'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Erase Image';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_erase_image_desc'] = 'Indicates if an image linked from a remote server should be erased when not allowed.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_require_refer'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Require Referrer';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_require_refer_desc'] = 'If enabled, any offsite linking attempts will be rejected without a valid referrer header.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_text_message'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Not Allowed Message';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_text_message_desc'] = 'A message that is rendered instead of the thumbnail when an offsite linking attempt is rejected.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_valid_domains'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Valid Domains';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_valid_domains_desc'] = 'A comma-delimited list of hostnames that are valid referrers for offsite linking.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_watermark_src'] = 'phpThumb Offsite Linking Watermark Source';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_nooffsitelink_watermark_src_desc'] = 'Optional. A valid file system path to a file to use as a watermark source when your images are rendered offsite by phpThumb.';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_zoomcrop'] = 'phpThumb Zoom-Crop';
setting: $_lang['setting_phpthumb_zoomcrop_desc'] = 'The default zc setting for phpThumb when used in MODX. Defaults to 0 to prevent zoom cropping.';
setting: $_lang['setting_server_protocol_http'] = 'http';
setting: $_lang['setting_server_protocol_https'] = 'https';
setting: $_lang['setting_session_cookie_domain_desc'] = 'Use this setting to customize the session cookie domain. Leave blank to use the current domain.';
setting: $_lang['setting_session_cookie_path_desc'] = 'Use this setting to customize the cookie path for identifying site specific session cookies. Leave blank to use MODX_BASE_URL.';
setting: $_lang['setting_session_gc_maxlifetime'] = 'Session Garbage Collector Max Lifetime';
setting: $_lang['setting_session_gc_maxlifetime_desc'] = 'Allows customization of the session.gc_maxlifetime PHP ini setting when using \'modSessionHandler\'.';
setting: $_lang['setting_session_name_desc'] = 'Use this setting to customize the session name used for the sessions in MODX. Leave blank to use the default PHP session name.';
setting: $_lang['setting_tvs_below_content_desc'] = 'Set this to Yes to move Template Variables below the Content when editing Resources.';
setting: $_lang['setting_ui_debug_mode_desc'] = 'Set this to Yes to output debug messages when using the UI for the default manager theme. You must use a browser that supports console.log.';
setting: $_lang['setting_use_weblink_target'] = 'Use WebLink Target';
setting: $_lang['setting_use_weblink_target_desc'] = 'Set to true if you want to have MODX link tags and makeUrl() generate links as the target URL for WebLinks. Otherwise, the internal MODX URL will be generated by link tags and the makeUrl() method.';
setting: $_lang['setting_welcome_screen_desc'] = 'If set to true, the welcome screen will show on the next successful loading of the welcome page, and then not show after that.';
setting: $_lang['setting_xhtml_urls'] = 'XHTML URLs';
source: $_lang['bucket'] = 'Bucket';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.bucket_desc'] = 'The S3 Bucket to load your data from.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.key_desc'] = 'The Amazon key for authentication to the bucket.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.imageExtensions_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list of file extensions to use as images. MODX will attempt to make thumbnails of files with these extensions.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.secret_key_desc'] = 'The Amazon secret key for authentication to the bucket.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.skipFiles_desc'] = 'A comma-separated list. MODX will skip over and hide files and folders that match any of these.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.thumbnailQuality_desc'] = 'The quality of the rendered thumbnails, in a scale from 0-100.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.thumbnailType_desc'] = 'The image type to render thumbnails as.';
source: $_lang['prop_s3.url_desc'] = 'The URL of the Amazon S3 instance.';
source: $_lang['s3_no_move_folder'] = 'The S3 driver does not support moving of folders at this time.';
system_events: $_lang['error_log_download'] = 'Download Error Log ([[+size]])';
system_events: $_lang['error_log_too_large'] = 'The error log at <em>[[+name]]</em> is too large to be viewed. You can download it via the button below.';
topmenu: $_lang['support_desc'] = '';
tv_input_types: $_lang['url'] = 'URL';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_allowaddnewdata'] = 'Allow Add New Items';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_allowaddnewdata_desc'] = 'When Yes, allows items to be added that do not already exist in the list. Defaults to No.';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_forceselection'] = 'Force Selection to List';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_forceselection_desc'] = 'If using Type-Ahead, if this is set to Yes, only allow inputting of items in the list.';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_listempty_text_desc'] = 'If Type-Ahead is on, and the user types a value not in the list, display this text.';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_stackitems'] = 'Stack Selected Items';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_stackitems_desc'] = 'When set to Yes, the items will be stacked 1 per line. Defaults to No which displays the items inline.';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_title_desc'] = 'If supplied, a header element is created containing this text and added into the top of the dropdown list.';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_typeahead'] = 'Enable Type-Ahead';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_typeahead_desc'] = 'If yes, populate and autoselect the remainder of the text being typed after a configurable delay (Type Ahead Delay) if it matches a known value (defaults to off.).';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_typeahead_delay'] = 'Type-Ahead Delay';
tv_widget: $_lang['combo_typeahead_delay_desc'] = 'The length of time in milliseconds to wait until the Type-Ahead text is displayed if Type-Ahead is enabled (defaults to 250).';
tv_widget: $_lang['htmlarea'] = 'HTML Area';
tv_widget: $_lang['image_align_list'] = 'none,baseline,top,middle,bottom,texttop,absmiddle,absbottom,left,right';
tv_widget: $_lang['resourcelist_limitrelatedcontext'] = 'Limit to Related Context';
tv_widget: $_lang['resourcelist_limitrelatedcontext_desc'] = 'If Yes, will only include the Resources related to the context of the current Resource.';
tv_widget: $_lang['shownone_desc'] = 'Allow the user to select an empty choice which is a blank value.';
tv_widget: $_lang['textbox'] = 'Textbox';
tv_widget: $_lang['url'] = 'URL';
user: $_lang['primary_group'] = 'Primary Group';
user: $_lang['remote_data'] = 'Remote Data';
user: $_lang['user_duplicate'] = 'Duplicate User';
user: $_lang['user_group_id'] = 'UG ID';
user: $_lang['user_group_desc_dashboard'] = 'The Dashboard that members of this Group (who have this Group as their Primary Group) will use.';
user: $_lang['user_group_user_add_user_desc'] = 'The username of the User to add to the User Group';
user: $_lang['user_group_user_add_role_desc'] = 'The Role that the User should have in the Group. This may affect the Permissions that the User is granted.';
user: $_lang['user_remote_data_msg'] = 'Edit remote user data here.';
user: $_lang['user_sudo'] = 'Sudo User';
user: $_lang['user_sudo_desc'] = 'If checked, this user will have full access to all the site and will bypass any Access Permissions checks. *DO NOT* check this unless you mean to do so!';
workspace: $_lang['autoincludes_packaging'] = 'Packaging in autoincludes: [[+autoincludes]]';
workspace: $_lang['install'] = 'Install';
workspace: $_lang['lexicon_autobuilding'] = 'Auto-building in lexicon from path: [[+path]]';
workspace: $_lang['namespace_packaged'] = 'Packaged namespace "[[+namespace]]" into package.';
workspace: $_lang['package_details_for'] = 'Package Details for [[+package]]';
workspace: $_lang['package_err_source_nf'] = 'No valid source specified for the package.';
workspace: $_lang['workspace_grabbing'] = 'Grabbing package workspace...';
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<![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 коллективный перевод.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-399022 ervand Nov 04, 2011, 04:28 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-399022 <![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372193 Допустим я использую сниппет. бац, нашел ошибку. это мне надо не только зарегистрироваться на трансфериксе, но и дважды исправить ее. У себя, и на трансфериксе.
Тройная работа получается почти.
хотя, в случае с гитом не на много меньше. Разве что заходить никуда не надо. в соседней папке поправил файл и все.]]>
Paprikas Jan 13, 2011, 05:48 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372193
<![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372192 Quote from: Paprikas at Jan 13, 2011, 10:55 PM

Ну, т.е. я могу не парясь переводить в гите, а ты это дело потом сам уладишь. Правильно понял?
Нет, помоему не правильно grin
Переводить не парясь можно на transifex.net]]>
elastic Jan 13, 2011, 05:44 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372192
<![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372191 Paprikas Jan 13, 2011, 04:55 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372191 <![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372190 Quote from: Paprikas at Jan 12, 2011, 11:47 PM

А зачем там компоненты?
Компоненты там для того чтобы их перевести tongue, и поддерживать их перевод в актуальном состоянии.

Quote from: Paprikas at Jan 12, 2011, 11:47 PM

Ну, меня они не беспокоят. Но если мне удобнее в гите свои поправки делать. Как ты это дело потом синхронизируешь?
Синхронизирую с помощью нескольких простых bash скриптов.
У transifex есть своя консольная программа(tx называется) которая позволяет синхронизировать мои локальные файлы и переводы на сервере.
Пример скрипта обновляющего шаблоны для перевода:

components=(archivist babel batcher formit frontpage gallery taglister versionx)
# components - это массив с имненами папок в которых находятся проекты,
# ниже мы обходим все эти папки в цикле


while [ "$index" -lt ${#components[@]} ]
    echo "обновляем .pot файлы для ${components[$index]} "
    #переходим в папку с проектом
    cd $HOME/sites/trans/tx/$COMP
    #шлём .pot файлы на transifex
    tx push --source  --force --no-interactive 
    echo " "
  let "index = $index + 1"

elastic Jan 13, 2011, 09:47 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=15#dis-post-372190
<![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372189 Ну, меня они не беспокоят. Но если мне удобнее в гите свои поправки делать. Как ты это дело потом синхронизируешь?]]> Paprikas Jan 12, 2011, 05:47 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372189 <![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372188 http://www.transifex.net/projects/tag/modx/

От translated.by отличается тем что весь процесс поддержки перевода можно автоматизировать.

Для того чтобы начать переводить надо вступить в команду:
1. Надо пройти регистрацию. Регистрируйтесь по возможности с теми же никами как на форуме.
2. На этой странице http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/revolution_core/team/ru/ нажать на кнопку "Присоединиться к команде". Я добавляю вас в команду.
3. Выбираете нужный вам компонент http://www.transifex.net/projects/tag/modx/ и переводите.


elastic Jan 12, 2011, 03:27 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372188
<![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372187 wink]]> efanchik Dec 17, 2010, 01:40 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372187 <![CDATA[Re: Revolution 2.0.0 &#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1083;&#1077;&#1082;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074;&#1085;&#1099;&#1081; &#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1074;&#1086;&#1076;.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372186 Quote from: efanchik at Dec 17, 2010, 04:03 PM

Как бэ для "насталкерившихся" "программистов
Ща буду отмахиваться хлопушкой для мух.
Не стоит воспринимать все так близко к сердцу. Это просто общение.
PS. Просьба, особо умным, не отсылать к книгам, энциклопедиям или талмудам.
Аккуратнее там с хлопушкой.
Не могу уловить конструктивности?

* Уход от "американизмов" - так все слова уже давно "обрусели".
* Сделать более понятным? "Модель-Вид-Контроллер" объективно более близко к MVC , нежели предлагаемое "Хранилище-Обработка-Отображение" (местами меняем?). С учетом наличия документации на двух языках, совсем "не то".

Модель она и есть модель... приближение/имитация реальности.. а хранилища-данные мало интересны "стороннему пользователю". Разработчик вполне поймет "Модель" (так же как и "синглтон", который хоть и переводится...)
Чем представление не угодило?.. "данные представлены в таблице". Хотя, по этому пункту расхождений с "общепринятым" меньше всего.
Контроллер+* - тоже "обрусевший". У вас часом не "Обработчик жесткого диска" на "Моём компьютере" Вашей ПЭВМ установлен?

* Попытка изобрести что-то новое? Свою терминологию? Доказать что-то неочевидное?

В любом случае, Вы можете пользоваться удобной Вам терминологией, однако не стоит навязывать её другим... Особенно, если она отличается от общепринятой. Тем более в таком тоне, да ещё "камнем в огород" переводчиков.


ps. Как вариант, можете порассуждать на тему сниппетов и чанков..
pps. Видимо, благодаря человеку со схожим мышлением, увидел свет продукт с названием "Windows 7 Максимальная" (хотя, есть ещё маркетинговое "мне по максимуму"...)]]>
esche Dec 17, 2010, 11:32 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/63046/revolution-2-0-0?page=14#dis-post-372186