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TreasureChest uses both IPN and PDT :
- IPN is used for updating the database with the transaction details.
- PDT is called to display similar informations to the buyer after the transaction.

A few variables are for PDT only. See the bottom table here:

This discussion thread being dedicated to the comparison of several cart systems, we’re off-topic and I would suggest you to create a new thread.]]>
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I’d be interested in knowing other people’s thoughts.

mconsidine Mar 25, 2010, 03:36 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281419
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Yes, TreasureChest is PayPal only, but it allows very cutomized carts and layouts since the 1.1 version, which brings many new placeholders, and more clarity in placeholder names.

You can find a demo shop here (in French): www.altipoint.ch/demo_treasurechest
If you add one or more products to the cart, you’ll see the embedded cart that appears and is automatically refreshed (by Ajax).
You can access the details of a product by clicking the "Fiche produit" button.

The demonstation is fully functional (real PayPal account, not sandbox one), so that everyone can test. This also mean it costs really but no product will be shipped to you. This is what the disclaimer tells.
Currently, a Swiss Franc (CHF) is about 0,9 US $.

When you have a minimum of 1 product in the cart, the "Voir" (View) button appears.
If you click it, a Thickbox will open and you’ll see that very detailed cart views are now possible. This example layout might appear excessively detailed, but shows well how many different placeholders you can use with TreasureChest 1.1.

Here is also a screenshot of a detailed voucher on the "Thank You" page:

And the same screenshot, commented, showing that the "PDT" servcice now accepts sub-templates to build the detailed vouchers:

TC is a great system, but I have heard it can be buggy (not sure to what extent).

It is true that TreasureChest 1.0 had several bugs.
For example when having two options for a product, the second option value was overwriting the first option, or something like that if I remember.
This problem concerning options is corrected in TreasureChest 1.1.

TreasureChest 1.0 also had problem building the PDT page, it did not output the placeholders. This problem was is also corrected in TreasureChest 1.1.

As long as I know after many tests, the 1.1 version is bug free.
(I only know a minor graphic bug with Safari that would be easy to correct.)

There are small bugs with the behaviour of the [-] ("Remove one" buttons), but these are bonus of the 1.1 version and will work perfectly in the 1.2 version.

TreasureChest 1.1 in English : www.altipoint.ch/treasurechest
TreasureChest 1.1 en français : www.altipoint.ch/treasurechest_fr
TreasureChest 1.1 en allemand: www.altipoint.ch/treasurechest_de

To display the content of the "Placeholders" tab correctly, please follow the instructions given in the head message of this thread:
I recommand the Opera browser which behaves the best toward this issue.

I also provide service for TreasureChest customization/integration.
You can contact me via private message or via the secured contact form on my website.

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Yeh, MODx + Foxy Cart would work perfectly for what you’re requesting.  I’ve setup a bunch of MODx and Foxy Cart stores and what you’re asking for below will definitely work with FC.

I’ve got to get the screencast completed for FC + MODx...I did one recently, but I’ve got to go back and revise it.]]>
flinx777 Apr 20, 2009, 02:22 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281417
<![CDATA[Re: modX + foxycart vs kiwicart vs treasurechest]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281416 It looks like kiwicart and treasurechest can manage the catalog for me, but do they integrate with different payment gateways?Not sure about Kiwii but TC is only setup for Paypal I think. Foxy + MODx work great. You can setup the inventory in MODx in several ways, treat each item as a modx document and you can organize them in the document tree in whatever way you want. Then use Template Variables (TVs) for item details (colors, sizes, price, etc..). I think that Foxy may have an inventory module of some sorts.

TC is a great system, but I have heard it can be buggy (not sure to what extent).]]>
dev_cw Apr 18, 2009, 08:33 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281416
<![CDATA[modX + foxycart vs kiwicart vs treasurechest]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281415
I was working with magneto, but it was way to slow and managed to crash fatally... a lot.

So I came across foxycart, which is slick.

They suggest modx. which brought me here.

I have been poking around at a catalog management solution for modx.

Thusly - kiwicart and or treasurechest.... it seems like development on shopx is dead and i cant find any update.

I’m looking for a way to make a nice looking estore (i have done 2 zencart stores and i wont touch that ever again, the shops just screamed crappy site to me)

I’d like an easy way to manage the catalog of products (1-200 SKUs) so that the admin people can log in and make changes. This was one area where magneto excelled, as far as i could see.

I know foxycart is just a basket, nothing more.

It looks like kiwicart and treasurechest can manage the catalog for me, but do they integrate with different payment gateways?

Can you wizards of modx shed some light on this?

atracksler Apr 18, 2009, 07:42 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/48510/modx-foxycart-vs-kiwicart-vs-treasurechest#dis-post-281415