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Another problem I was having was related to the package manager and wrong folder permissions (moved servers few weeks back and didn’t use it since) and seems to have been fixed.

The problem with the german language pack seems to be related to encoding. This has been fixed for the German lexicon on Github, but will be checking all other languages for the same issue tonight.

I’ve also added a parameter to the javascript being loaded in the CMP to get rid of caching issues on upgrade.

After work I’ll release a fix (alpha5) for these issues encountered. If you only use the english lexicon and never messed around with new content types you shouldn’t have problems with alpha4.]]>
markh Mar 19, 2011, 10:00 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/45645/versionx-1-0-0-alpha4-is-now-available#dis-post-263997
<![CDATA[VersionX 1.0.0-Alpha4 is now available.]]> https://forums.modx.com/thread/45645/versionx-1-0-0-alpha4-is-now-available#dis-post-263996
+ VersionX 1.0 Alpha4 (Released 18/3/2011) +
#018	Include new diff class (© Paul Butler) to serve PHP > 5.3 and provide better listing of changes.
#039	Retrieve content_type name in getlist processor.
#038	Use core lexicons for content_disposition values in getlist processor.
	Updated German (smooth-graphics), French (Romain) and Russian (elastic) translation.
#036	Add Dutch (Mark-H) and Swedish (frippz) translation to the package. 
#030	Improve error display when no changes were made (New lexicon string added to English file)
#019	Fix plugin code to save full timestamp as UNIX timestamp, and format in getlist process.
#034	Fix lexicon reference for "no" in getlist. Improve content_disposition display.
	Added copyright notice in Russian translation.
#037	Update link to modx.com instead of modxcms.com
#021	Lexicon-ify error messages of processor output. (New lexicon strings added to English file)
#018	Add check for php >5.3.0 when comparing resource content (prevents E_DEPRECEATED error for split() in xpdorevisioncontrol)
#021	Encode errors returned by processors to json to prevent ajax loader getting stuck
	Display template ID in view details when template could not be found
	Replaced 0 with empty string when no parent exists in view details
#023	Show parent ID next to title in view details
#020	Translated resource field names, yes/no and some error messages in revision details window / getlist processor
#002	Added pagination to resource overview
	Added Russian translation (elastic)

Running local tests worked perfect, but there seem to be some funny things going on in one of my installs, as well as one someone else is running. I’ve disabled the addon from the repo until I find out what’s going on. If you want to help testing, I’ve added the package to this post. The issues seem to occur for very specific cases only (see a few posts down) so it is back in the repo with a fix coming up hopefully tonight.

One of the issues that seemed to have sneaked in that is affecting one of my own installs: where you have used a content type that no longer exists, the script gets a fatal error looking up its name. https://github.com/Mark-H/VersionX/issues/#issue/39

Something else that has been reported is the german translation giving an error.]]>
markh Mar 19, 2011, 09:30 AM https://forums.modx.com/thread/45645/versionx-1-0-0-alpha4-is-now-available#dis-post-263996