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This pre-release is not the final alpha4 package, but it’s a snapshot of the development so far.

No TV support yet sad

+ VersionX 1.0 Alpha4 (to be released) +
#036 Add Dutch translation to the package.
#030 Improve error display when no changes were made (New lexicon string added to English file)
#019 Fix plugin code to save full timestamp as UNIX timestamp, and format in getlist process.
#034 Fix lexicon reference for "no" in getlist. Improve content_disposition display.
Added copyright notice in Russian translation.
#037 Update link to modx.com instead of modxcms.com
#021 Lexicon-ify error messages of processor output. (New lexicon strings added to English file)
#018 Add check for php >5.3.0 when comparing resource content (prevents E_DEPRECEATED error for split() in xpdorevisioncontrol)
#021 Encode errors returned by processors to json to prevent ajax loader getting stuck
Display template ID in view details when template could not be found
Replaced 0 with empty string when no parent exists in view details
#023 Show parent ID next to title in view details
#020 Translated resource field names, yes/no and some error messages in revision details window / getlist processor
#002 Added pagination to resource overview
Added Russian translation (elastic)

You can fetch the download from Github:

Upload it to your core/packages directory, choose to search locally for packages and install the package. (May need to uninstall an existing package in the process)

As always, please report any bugs you may find on Github (or here if you don’t have a github account). https://github.com/Mark-H/VersionX/issues


markh Feb 28, 2011, 06:29 PM https://forums.modx.com/thread/45644/versionx-1-0-alpha4-pre-release-is-available-from-github#dis-post-263995