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i have another question:
i want to be able to have a section on the page of posts with the most viewed articles. it is possible?
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many thanks for your kind words. I was wondering whether there will be someone apart from jflarity interested in this solution. (Ditto is sophisticated enough for the use as a standalone product so let alone combining it with Jot and giving answers for questions like "how to sort Ditto’s results by a number of comments".) Anyway, sooner or later this thread will disappear under tons of new/ongoing problems. For those interested in obtaining fresh copy of the code I have added subpage (http://setpro.net.pl/software/ditto-stuff) on my personal site where this and other snippets can easily be accessed.]]>
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Here it goes. Create a new snippet, for example "TopCommented", paste into it code from attached "topcommented.txt", and run as:
[[TopCommented? &parents=`2,46` &depth=`1` &display=`5` &filter=`type,document,1` &tpl=`ArticleListItem` &noResults=`No comments so far.`]]

It means: display 5 most commented documents within 2 and 46 containers.
At this stage of development the snippet recognizes six above-mentioned parameters that have the same meaning as in Ditto. In most cases these parameters are sufficient for effective displaying documents that have the most comments, but if you want to use/pass more Ditto-specific parameters then you need to look into snippet’s code and read explanations how to extend it. Enjoy!

Latest version: http://setpro.net.pl/software/ditto-stuff#attachments]]>
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